Monday, January 18, 2010

The Rams will make a catastrophic mistake if they draft Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame

Now they are really trying to piss me off. For those who do not know about the, it is one of several places where amateur and semi-pro sports writers sharpen their skills.

Two posts have outraged me in the past 48 hours. You will find them here and here. Both suggest that the Rams will use the #1 pick in the draft to select Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen. The first link is a Mock 2010 draft. The second is an attempt to defend Jimmy Clausen as top NFL Quarterback prospect.

There is only one witness for the defense. That is ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. The defense begins as follows:

Breaking news: Mel Kiper Jr. has actually accurately evaluated a player in the NFL Draft. I know he is one of the biggest idiots among sports personalities, but Kiper's evaluation of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen is completely on target. Clausen is going to be a solid pro quarterback at worst and possesses the intangibles to be a star.
Boy you want to talk about pushing all my buttons? You wanna talk about raising my blood pressure to 190 over 140? Do you want to talk about flipping my lid? You just put together all the bad rankles in one short burst. Now I am pissed.

For the record I will say it loud and proud right here and right now. If the Rams fuck up the next 5 years, it will not be my fault. I will have warned them.

Jimmy Clausen is not an NFL Quarterback. Jimmy Clausen is not an NFL player. Jimmy Clausen will not play on Sunday well or for long. Jimmy Clausen is going to be somebody's draft day bust. He is the next Rick Mirer, and that is all. Jimmy Clausen is going to get an NFL GM (and probably a head coach) fired.

Furthermore, Mel Kiper is one of the worst evaluators of talent out there because he has a very narrow minded focus on tangibles and the fact that he almost always ignores intangibles. Now he wishes to defend Clausen on the basis of intangibles? No bitch, we aren't going to let you reverse your field now. Not here. Not now. Not with this candidate.

I speak for a skeptical nation that has watched Jimmy Clausen do little and nothing for 3 years at Notre Dame. This is the same Notre Dame where Charlie Wies just got fired for running very tepid and mediocre program. Now you are trying to tell me that this same QB is worthy of the absolute #1 pick in the 2010 draft? You are trying to tell me that the Rams would be well advised to draft this kid? Bullshit. Bull fucking shit.

I think the entire NFL would be very wise to pass on Clausen in the first round. I do not believe that anyone is well advised to take him in the 1st round; not even Carolina. I think the entire NFL would also be well advised to pass on Clausen in the second round. If he is the next Joe Montana, then take him in the 3rd round. You can afford a 3rd round bust better than you can afford a 1st or 2nd round bust.

I want to warn coach Spagnuolo, who I believe has a bright future ahead of him, that Clausen will wreck his career. Going wrong with the absolute #1 and going wrong with a QB kills almost any head coach almost every time. Don't do it. Just don't do it. Trade the pick, or take Suh. Play it safe for you and for me.

I thank God the Rams have not selected a QB in the First Round since Bill Musen (Utah State) in 1964. Clausen will be a name just as memorable as Musen in Ram history if we take him.