Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I was very pleased to see Tim Tebow's grill on the front page of the Rams' website today

Sometimes God gives you a little something to smile about. Today, I surfed by the Rams website to check Leonard Little's status. We're all wondering if he's coming back. He did a bang-up job in 2009, and most of us Ram-fans are hoping that he will not retire. He's obviously got some ammo left in the magazine.

To what did my wandering eye did appear? Tim Tebow's grill loud and proud on the front page of the Rams' website. The caption reads "A look at the offensive prospects participating in next week's Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala." The link is a very basic run-down of who is playing; nothing more, nothing less. The Rams have not announced that they are interested Tebow, however, there is hope.

This morning on the NFL Network, Charles Davis and Rich Eisen kicked around the question of Tebow's participation in the Senior Bowl. Davis laid it on the line when he said that all NFL personnel experts he has talked with put Tebow in the 2nd round or lower. This is primarily because of concerns about his throwing motion. It should be noted in passing that we draft first in all rounds.

That is music to my ears. If Tebow is rated as a 2nd rounder, we should have no issues or problems drafting him with our 2nd round pick. This means that means we can have our Suh and Tebow too. Jesus! What a fantastic draft that would be! That is two pieces of championship caliber material there. Now if we can just score Dexter McCluster in the 3rd or 4th round, we're going to be in business.

Because of the desperate need we have on the offensive side of the football, I would still be inclined to deal the absolute #1. Although it pains me to say this, I covet Coach Pete Carroll's #6 and #14 picks. I know this would mean putting Suh up against our line, which is not a desirable thing to say the least. However, we can get a pair of offensive players; perhaps Russel Okung and Dez Bryant, both from Oklahoma State.

I want to emphasize that I am okay with Suh as long as we get Tebow and McCluster. Many believe, and rightfully so, that Suh would make life awfully easy on Chris Long and Adam Cariker. As long as Leonard Little comes back, we should be in dynamite shape on the D-Line.