Friday, January 1, 2010

So Jamie Dukes is trying to put Mike Vick with the Rams again?

For (at least) the second time in recent history, Jamie Dukes is campaigning for the Rams to give Mike Vick a hard look. Vick will be an unrestricted free agent come this off season, and he is not at all happy as a backup. He wants to be a starter.

The QB market was a sellers market just 1 year ago. Now the market is getting harder. As has been often stated this season, 2009 has been a winfall for QBs. Some say that we are living at the apex of QB efficiency. One team that clearly has shit for quarterbacks is my Ram team. We have two Chinadolls who cannot stay healthy and show great signs of phobia on the field.

There is little doubt that few teams have a worse QB situation than my Rams. Buffalo might be one of them. Carolina might be one of them. If I were Vick, I would campaign for the Carolina job. You get a better team, nice weather, and it ain't far from Virgina Tech. I am not sure why Dukes is so insistant that Vick should go to the Rams. Perhaps it is because our offensive line is (once again) dirt squat poor, and Vick's scrambling ways can be justified fully under the circumstances.

I would be willing to look at Vick as a short-term solution. I would not be willing to commit the indefinet future to Vick. I am still greatly in favor of acquiring a strong young quarterback (or two) in the Draft (e.g. Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, and Jevan Snead) and developing these young men for 2012; the year the Rams return to Los Angeles.