Friday, January 1, 2010

So how about that Tim Tebow?

So tonight was the end of an era for Florida. It might not be the end of the Urban Meyer era, but it is certainly the end of the Tim Tebow era... and also the begining of a new era... hopefuly with the Rams.

I remember the start of Tim Tebow's career like it was yesterday. I would sit at my computer working on my latest 3d creations in 3ds Max and Modo, and watch college football on a small standard def TV sitting next to my computer. In fact, that same TV sits next to my computer on my desktop right now.

I remember watching that wacky spread-bone attack and shaking my head in dismay. Chris Leaks was the main QB in those days. Tim Tebow, the fearless freshman phenom, would come in on short yardage situations. They would go with 5 wide recievers, Tim would line up in the shotgun, he'd take the snap, take a tenative step or two, plow right up the middle where there was no hole, and he would gain 6 to 10 yards a pop. I had no idea how the hell this wacky thing could work, and I was certain that coach Steve Spurrier would never approve. I remember thinking that they needed to fire Meyer get Spurrier back, and re-establish the FunNGun in the sun. I also remembered thinking that Tebow was a lot better than Leaks, and he aught to be the full time starter.

I could hardly believe it when Florida wound up in the BCS championship game, going against my Step-dad's Ohio State Buckeyes. I could hardly believe it when they spanked the fuck out them and won the national title with that wacky attack. That was quite shocking.

Tebow became the full-time starter the next season and responded with one of the greatest statistical year any QB ever had. He passed for something like 3,700 yards that season, which is pretty amazing for a 'running' QB. Naturally, he won the Heismann that year. Now he has two rings, the Heismann, a gaudy record of victories, and a ton of records in the NCAA books.

I grew very attached to the kid through this process. I was overjoyed that he saved the best for last, smashing the Bearcats 51-24, completing 31 of 35 passes for 485 yards, and gaining 533 total yards. He looked like a killer.

I am more confident now than ever that this is the QB that the Rams need to go after. I am confident that he is what I always thought he is: A bigger, stronger, tougher version of Steve Young. Not quite as fast and mobile, but plenty mobile enough. He is also a kid of peerless character and leadership ability. This is the guy we need.