Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kurt Warner's retirement

Earlier today, I read a blurb on a West Coast website that Kurt Warner will make his annoucement regarding his decision on Friday. All sources indicate that he will annouce his retirement. When I got home, I found the NFL Network annoucing almost the same news.

My mood has been souring all evening long, and it has reached a point of deep melancholi. This is the news that has done it. I have not often spoken of Kurt Warner in this Blog, but I have always cheered for him. I was pulling for him like a muther in the last Super Bowl.

I feel it is a little untoward for a 43 year old 30 year veteran Ram fan to endlessly remember the glory of the Greatest Show on Turf. Still, there is no doubt that Kurt, Marshall, Issac, Torry, Az took us to the highest point I have ever seen in my 30 years. The Rams of the late 1940s and earl 1950s might have been greater, but those Rams of 1999 were incredible. One of these days--and soon--I am going to have describe what that meant for me. 'Dems was the best days that ever was, or that's evers gonna be... but let's hope not. Let's hope that there is a brighter epoch than this at some point in our futures.

I always felt that Kurt was my little brother from another mother. It is very hard for me to watch him retire. I know there are other members of the 1999 Rams still in the league. Fletch even made it to the ProBowl for the first time this year. Still, as Kurt passes out of the league, I feel as if it is the last of the Mohicans departing. It is hard to watch that.

Kurt, if you feel like it is your time to go, then God bless ya, but if there is anyway you can see your way clear to playing just one more season, I would greatly apreciate it.