Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Very little time for blogging right now

Just a few words before heading out to the gym for an all-out baking session in the sauna.

Between my attempt to organize a successful job transition, my introduction to social media, and the increasing duration and intensity of my workouts, it's been very difficult to find a few minutes to blog. I have a thousand things I'd like to talk about, but so little time.

Right now the pressure is on to make weight for Bod Pod VI. I am only 35 hours away, and the bathroom scale says I am stuck at 224. As we all know, the bathroom scale is not as accurate as the Bod Pod. Further, mine is shy to the heavy side. I figure I have 35 hours to shed 3 pounds. With the help of some good Magnesium Citrate, and heavy dose of steam and dry sauna time, I just might make it.

I'm not stressing much over these results as:
  1. I have already achieved my primary goals & objectives
  2. I am already the prettiest guy at Informa Research Services.
  3. My cousin Diana says I look gorgeous
  4. Melinda is my facebook friend
  5. I am fairly sure my lean weight has been rebounding big-time during this two week cycle
Still, I would like to at a solid 220 this weekend. I am headed back to my hometown to visit with my Aunt & Uncle who have not seen me since Easter Sunday. I was around 265 at that time. I think 45 pounds should make for a hell of a visible (even shocking) difference.

According to the state of the art estimates, human body fat has a similar density to SAE 10W-30 motor oil. This would indicate 1.93 pounds per liter. This is very close to my own estimate of 1.90 pounds per liter. The variance may be accounted for via my lean weight gains.

If I can knock it down to 220 by this weekend, I will have reduced the volume of space my body occupies by some 23.31 liters. The next time you hold a 1 liter water bottle in you hand, contemplate 23.31 of those things being knocked off your body.

Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

As Marshall Faulk says, do be afraid to be great.

Until next time, you can rock out with the following groovy tracks that have kept me going during the workouts lately.