Friday, July 22, 2011

Bod Pod VI: I am very displeased

Today was the sixth in my series of Bod Pod tests. We don't know how many it will ultimately take, but I intend to keep testing until I reach 17% body fat.

Without further ado, during the past 2 week cycle
  1. My body volume dropped from 102.111 down to 98.176. This is a loss of 3.351 liters of body volume. of course, this brings me well inside 100 liters. Over the past 70 days, I have lost very nearly 19 liters of body volume.
  2. My body fat has dropped from 82.163 pounds down to 75.655 pounds. This is a loss of 6.508 pounds of fat.
  3. My body lean also dropped; it went down from 147.207 down to 145.617 pounds. This is a loss of 1.59 pounds of lean weight. I remain one paltry pound above where I started, but this very far from ideal.
  4. My overall body weight has dropped from 229.370 down to 221.272. This is a total loss of 8.098 pounds in the past two weeks, but I got that figure the wrong way.
  5. My body fat percentage dropped from 35.8% down to 34.2%. This is meagar drop of 1.6% in the past two weeks.

In terms of body composition change, which is the absolute name of the game, this is my worst result yet. This is not at all what I was expecting or looking for. I was expecting lean gains, not further lean losses. I was expecting a much greater fat loss also. I projected my body fat today at just about 32%. I missed that mark by a full 2.33%. That is bad, very bad.

There are clear-cut warning signs that the current exercise and diet regime has stopped working. As a gastric bypass patient, I should never lose less than 3.5 pounds of pure fat per week, or 7.0 pounds of pure fat in two weeks. I underperformed that goal by 0.5 pounds. Now, I could see one of those remarkable 3 pound drops tomorrow morning, of course. If so, this becomes a semi-moot case. We'll just say Bod Pod VI suffered from unfortunate timing.

It's time to blow-up the ship, and reoganize both the time and exercise budget. Minutes and calories need to be shifted around, and redeployed to other efforts. Aeroblic exercise is going to have to take a deep-backseat to strength training. Pumping iron is going to have to become the prime focus of my workout. I need to learn kettle bell techniques. No more lean losses will be tollerated. Lean gains from here on out.

Also, I have not been particularly careful about my diet. I have not been counting protein grams closely. I have relied on protein drinks and protein bars to provide the lion's share of my calories. When I don't consume these things, I have not been particularly careful about what I eat. I think it is time to start regulating this intake. It might even be time for the much-dreaded fish-meal to enter my diet.

So in the spirit of reformation, I think it is important to announce the following reform package:
  1. Aerobic exercise will take place every other day, not every day
  2. Weight training days will take place every other day.
  3. Weight training days will begin with the shake weight and ROM in the morning, just to get me out of the morning grog.
  4. I will purchase 1 book on the subject of nutrition for power lifters. I will digest it, and do what is ordered therein.
  5. I will add three fish meals to my diet each week, no matter how repugnant this notion may seem. The focus will be a fish called the Barramundi, which is a sustainable aquaculture fish native to Austrialia. This fish is reported to contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, and tastes 'good' also. We shall see.
  6. There will be an emphasis on trying to get to bed by 11:30pm and trying to get 7 hours of sleep. My workout schedule, at night, has been so intense that I frequently gotten to bed at 1:30am. This means short sleep. This not conducive to lean weight growth.
  7. I need one of those ab glider machines that Elizabeth hocks. I need to start working on mid-body and core. This is one of the biggest areas where I can make lean-improvement.
I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the Bod Pod documentation to share with you today, but I left it at the office this weekend without taking a photo. My enthusiasm was fairly low after the test. I will make take a picture of the documents on Monday and share it with you then.