Friday, July 8, 2011

Bod Pod V: Victory is mine at 229

So I went out for my 5th Bod Pod test this morning, and to make it very succinct for you, they want to hang my progress chart on the wall of fame. If you ever have a Bod Pod composition test done at the California Health and Longevity institute, you just might find my progress chart hanging on the wall.

I started this whole process at 330 pounds. Dr. Bachner claimed I needed to lose 30% of my body mass to avoid confinement to a wheel chair for the rest of my life. 330 X 0.3 = 99.0. This means my target weight, according to Bachner, should be 231.

This morning, the Bod Pod recorded my weigh at 229.37. This is victory over Europe day. This makes the all the blood, guts, pain, sweat and tears (not to mention vomiting) worth-while. I have officially passed the first big milestone. Now on to the second big target. I still need to cut my Body Fat Percentage in half.

It's interesting to note that my early projections in March indicated that I would hit this target weight in the early stages of July. My computer projections bounced around between July 7-9, based on how fast or how slow my progress was rolling, but the date always hovered around this range. Though the confirmation came of July 8, it is very likely that I hit the target weight yesterday or the day before. July 6 or 7 is the most likely candidate as victory day. We still needed the official confirmation to declare victory.

In the last two week cycle, I lost 9.291 pounds of pure fat. Unfortunately, I also lost 1.421 pounds of lean mass. The total loss was 10.712 pounds. This reduced my body fat ratio by 2.3%. I regret the lean loss. My results this cycle would have been better if I had kept my 1.421 pounds of muscle. I went a little too hard this time around. I am pretty exhausted. I'm going to ease off the accelerator a little bit during the next two week cycle.

The overall story since I began Bod Pod testing is pretty impressive. In the past 56 days I have reduced my body fat percentage 8.3%, lost 31.928 pounds of pure fat, and added 2.647 pounds of lean. My lean mass figure went down a bit this cycle, but I am still in positive territory overall. Absolute weight has been reduced by 29.281 pounds.

The most amazing figure is this: 56 days ago, my body occupied 117.111 liters of physical space. This morning, the Bod Pod measured my body volume at 102.111 liters. This indicates that I have lost 15.0 liters of body volume in just 56 days. The next time you drink from a 1 liter bottle of water or use a 4 cup measuring cup, you have to imagine 15 of those suckers distributed all over my body. Then imagine them all vanishing in less than two months.

A morph film, before and after, would have been good. Too late now.

And now we come to a very interesting moment in my life. The plan up to this point has been to make this first big weight goal, buy a nice suit of business cloths, fix up my resume, and enter the market. I had some pretty frank... nay, make that brutally frank discussions about this with my direct supervisor at work today.

Special K, as I will call him, is a good friend of mine. We are absolutely honest with each other. This is a good thing. We both know where we stand. There is never any doubt about that. It is not often in business where you have an absolutely blunt, frank, honest rapport with a coworker. This is one of those rare cases. As might be expected, Special K doesn't want me to go.

The two of us must have been brothers in a past life, maybe even several times, because I do feel that pathos. Further, this job is a mixture of wonderful and bad things. This isn't a simple story, or an easy matter to sort out. Still, the secular trend is heading in a very bad direction lately. I am extremely burnt-out on this job and this story.

I am feeling the urge to go. I feel that it is time to die to the past and be reborn to the future. This is the way you get a fresh start. No decision has been made yet, but I am leaning strongly towards departure.