Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Ballad of Aries and Scorpio

You've heard me speak of a number of legendary positive matches on the synastry board before. Now how about one of the all-time worst match ups... unless you are looking for a war. If you want a war, this would be one hell of a good match up.

Wanna see a good Texas death match inside a steel cage? Just select one choice example of the Aries clan and one choice example of the Scorpio clan and lock them in. You'll see a bloody piece of sport alright. Of all the legendary enemies in synastry, none can match Aries vs. Scorpio.

Aries is a masculine fire sign, full of Yang energy. It is the Cardinal sign that leads of the spring, meaning this dude has to be the leader, and a hell of a war chief he is. If you don't believe me, consult with Peyton Manning or Bill Bellichick. You'll never find an angrier, more bellicose, more pugnacious and belligerent fellow. They are quick to anger, and quick to forget about it... after hitting you in the jugular with a sticking knife. Understand that, metaphorically speaking, Aries is the god of war. This guy thrives on crushing and conquering his enemies.

Scorpio is a feminine water sign, full of Yin energy. It is fixed sign, located in the middle of fall. We know this season as shake-out season in football. Scorpio tends to be quite and secretive, but they are nasty on the inside. They are given to massive internal emotional disruptions and waves of passion that they don't show. They nurture a grudge for a long time before exploding on you in a fit of rage. They don't forget wrongs done to them until they have their revenge. Then they rejoice. The vengeance of the Scorpion is a hell of thing. Despite the fact that Scorpio is not a Cardinal sign, Scorpio is an ultra-control freak. Scorpio wants to run things, despite a lack of leadership potential, all else being equal.

When you put the two of them together you get a 150 degree angle. This is called an inconjunct or broken angle. These two have absolutely nothing in common outside of a high sex drive. Fire and Water don't mix. In the Zodiac, masculine and feminine signs do not mix well. There may be a powerful physical attraction between an Aries and a Scorpio, but they will fail to blend well. The Cardinal nature of Aries doesn't go over well with Scorpio, and neither do the bellicose tendencies. These two have a strong tendency to wake up the worst in each other.

According to myth, Achilles was Aries and Hector was a Scorpio. We all know how that one turned out. They fought the hell out of each other, and Achilles slew Hector. According to the legend, he was the only warrior in the world great enough to do the job on Hector. Nobody else could.

In love, the famous duo of John Wayne Bobbitt (3/23/1967) and Lorena Bobbit (10/31/1970) were an Aries and Scorpio couple. He did what many Aries men do to their wives: He fucked around on her a lot. Like most Scorpio women, she built up to a seething level of rage and cut his penis off. The revenge of the Scorpion is a hell of a thing.

I wouldn't be surprise to discover that this latest case of penis cutting involves another Aries and Scorpio couple.

I know of only one moderately happy and moderately successful Aries & Scorpio pair. That is Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Believe me, these two don't sleep together. Further, they had to work hard on it. It works because they are both dedicated pros. I don't think their natural synastry is all that great. They are not purported to be buddy-buddy either. It works out because this is a highly professional partnership with some boundaries.

The damn thing is that I seem to prefer the Aries over the Scorpio. My Neptune is in Scorpio, but this not a personal planet. My South Node is Scorpio, meaning I am supposed to forsake all things Scorpio in this lifetime. I have a very significant presence of Aries in my chart, including the Moon, Fortuna and Pallas Athena.

According to Sirus, my highest possible romantic match up is versus 4/13/1979 Aries woman. I am intensely skeptical of this calculation; so much so that I am writing my own synastry engine right now to disprove this notion. Still, I can't deny that I seem to get along better with the Aries clan than the Scorpio clan. This is not normal for a Virgo. Typically, Virgos are supposed to get along very well with Scorpio. Not me baby.

Top Aries scores 537 points. Top Scorpio scores 328. It's a 199 point ass-whupping. Although, I am skeptical of the notion that Aries is top-gun overall in my life, I don't doubt they outscore Scorpio by 199 points. My own synastry engine is more about proving that Dave's Taurus and Capricorn scores are vastly better than Sirus says they are.

I have to be brutally honest with you folks for one second: at this stage of the game my worst enemy in life is a Scorpio, and she is waking up Aries the war god. The situation has reached the stage where I am prepared to leave the company I have worked for for the past four years. I need to do this before I explode.

I often question why the two of us hate each other so well. Virgo and Scorpio are supposed to be well disposed towards each other under normal circumstances. There are a plethora of real world reasons why there is a strong hatred here. Still, I have ignored real-world reasons for war before. This one seems to wake up the very worst in me. I can't help but think it is something metaphysical or karmic. Achilles wants to slay Hector.

The better angels of my Virgo nature are restraining the three Aries and two Leo elements of my chart, but they are getting plenty tired, and the god of war is getting ready to bust his rusty cage and run. He's got two fire lions who like to rip shit up running behind him. Don't bet on these guy to lose either. Cry "havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war.

I don't ever recall having a war with an Aries. I haven't had many enemies or wars in my life, but never with an Aries. I usually get along fairly well with them, although we rarely close. The exception would be dear old mom. We are close. I was once head-over-heals in love with an Aries girl back in 1996. I though she was the one. It probably would have worked out if it hadn't been for religion. Still, I can see now that it would have been a bumpy ride.

Perhaps there is something to the Vedic notion that the Moon is more important than the Sun in the individual's chart. Perhaps I am lot more Aries than I think I am.