Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet Candidate B: Nigella Lawson


Roughly two weeks ago, I wrote blog about project Chess Master. Chess Master is my code name for one component (among several) of my larger Synastry Engine project. Chess Master is the software module that will computer the 5 internal planet settings for your two optimal trine companions in life. Remember, there are always two.

If you read that blog entry you know I specified the 5 inner planet settings for my own two optimal trine companions in this life. I dubbed them Candidate A and Candidate B. This does not express any preference or priority. It is simply a designator.

Candidate A is Taurus woman. A woman fairly similar to her happens to exist in my own professional environment. She is not an exact match, but she is a reasonable approximation of Candidate A. There may well be much closer matches for Candidate A out there in the world, and I suspect there are.

Candidate B is a Capricorn woman. When I wrote that piece, I knew of no woman who was a reasonable match for Candidate B. To be sure, I was very interested in finding a close match for Candidate B. I wanted to know how I would react to her. Finding such a woman would tell me whether my theory was on the right or wrong course.

Yesterday morning

As I was trying to wake from a nightmarish and sleepless night last night, I noticed that the Biography channel was showing a program about one of my very favorite women and cook show hosts: Nigella Lawson, the grand dame of British TV. I already knew she was a Capricorn, and I already knew I was crazy about her.

For me, Nigella Lawson is like a blast of pure sunshine. I am always thrilled to see her.

Since Nigella is twice married and once widowed, with several children, not to mention several years older than me, I had never bothered to cast her chart. She’s off the draft board. I can’t have her. Poor me. There’s no use in investigating Nigella.

The documentary began (appropriately enough) with Nigella’s birth. Her birthday was given as January 6, 1960 in London England. Well, since I was a bit board at the top of the day, I decided to take the 25 seconds necessary to walk over to my desktop computer and cast her chart. What I saw astounded me. I saw Capricorn Sun & Mercury, I saw an Aries Moon, and a conjuncted Venus and Mars sitting in Sagittarius.

People who are little less fluent in the symbolic language of astrology might not snap on that one instantly, but I did. If you know your own chart like the back of your hand, and if you have memorized the pattern for your ideal trine companion, you would have snapped immediately also.

I saw a strong match for Candidate B, my ideal Capricorn companion. In fact, she nailed 4 out of 5 signs. The one difference was her Moon sign. Instead of having a Leo Moon, she had an Aries Moon. This is the same as my Moon sign. Although her Moon is 16 degrees away from mine, we are—roughly speaking—conjucted here. That ain’t bad folks. That shouldn’t count against her at all. Some might even say this makes her more ideal.

Consider the information in the following table.




Candidate B

Nigella Lawson



Virgo 09:37

Capricorn 9:37

Capricorn 15:11



Aries 07:13

Leo 12:20

Aries 23:14



Virgo 02:09

Capricorn 2:09

Capricorn 03:17



Leo 22:04

Sagittarius 05:02

Sagittarius 04:57



Leo 05:02

Sagittarius 22:04

Sagittarius 24:20

If you understand simple numbers, representing degrees in a circle, what you see here is very nearly a bull’s eye strike. Nigella is terrifyingly close to a perfect match for Candidate B, and even more terrifyingly close to perfect match for me.

It’s so clear-cut that even Sirus understands we are a hellacious match. The synastry engine in Sirus 1.1 grades the romantic and sexual attraction score as 370. Remember, anything over 150 is considered extremely strong.

Do I think Nigella is a 370? Hell yes! Are you kidding me? She drives me bat-shit crazy! Of course she is a 370! That just may be an error on the low side. Certainly, my own engine would grade her much higher than that.


I consider the case of Nigella Lawson a full-scale proof of my theory of synastry. I am not only attracted to Candidate B, I have been attracted to her for years now. I am attracted to her despite the fact that she is nearly 7 years older than me. I am attracted to her despite fact that she is twice married with children.

As you can see, there are reasons why. Although Sirus is in the ball-park, Sirus under-values this matchup by a considerable margin. The score should be higher.

So, one of my relatives text messaged me with a simple question just a little while ago, "Does Nigella really represent your ideal type? If you spotted a girl in a public place who strongly remind you of Nigella would you go after her?"

The answers are:

  • Hell yes.
  • Hell yes.
I have said many times that I am strongly biased towards European looking Latins. You can draw a golden triangle from France down to Spain and across to Italy, then back to France. Anywhere inside that golden triangle, you are likely to find what Dave regards as the most beautiful women in the world. Though Nigella is British, she could easily pass for Italian, and I am sure she did during the time she lived there.

My own emotional reaction

Of course, I was pissed off and jealous shortly after seeing all of this. I’m going to have to journey to heaven to punch God in the mouth for cheating me in this lifetime. Nigella should have been mine. I was swindled. This is an injustice!

Of course, we realize that there were many baby girls born on 1/6/1960. We also realize that this celestial combination may recur 10 to 12 years later. Let’s just hope this series is not that uncommon, and let’s hope I can find many more examples like Nigella.

Still, as all fans of Nigella will tell you, there are few if any women like her in this world.