Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 14 Results, and Week 15 Predictions

Week 14 Results

I shot another 12-4 record last week, which was a pretty strong showing given some of the major contingencies we faced. Who could have known Aaron Rodgers would suffer a concussion whilst running against the Lions? Who could have predicted a Lion victory over the Pack? This was only one example of the several upsets we saw.

The bad-call I wish I had back was the Broncos v Cardinals. I did the hommer thing, picking the Broncos for the sake of my favorite kid, Tim Tebow, and for the sake of my Rams. Stupid… I should have known how deep the disarray in Denver would be after the firing of Josh McDaniels. They had no strong assistant to step up and take his place, as is the case (apparently) in Minnesota. The game plan was horrid and the team was flatter than a Crape Suzette.

Week 15

I have to confess that I am very uncomfortable with five (5) matchups this week. Those games are as follows:

1. Chargers v 49ers

2. Cardinals v Panthers

3. Jaguars v Colts

4. Jets v Steelers

5. Packers v Patriots

The 49ers just laid an epic beat-down on collective skull of the Seahawks, and they looked better than pretty good in the process. They could easily win this game. The Chargers have fulfilled my expectations for a mediocre season, and some. They have even lost in the month of December for the first time in a long time. I see little reason to be confident in the Chargers.

The only thing that causes me to trend this way is the even greater mediocrity of the 49ers. Like many, I picked the 49ers to enjoy a cake-walk to the NFC West title. Look at what has happened… The 49ers have added considerably to my loss totals, so I just can’t muster the will to pick them two weeks in a row.

The only reason I am taking the Chargers is this: It is a Phillip Rivers v Alex Smith duel. In a tie situation, the team with the better QB wins the first breaker. I’ll take the Chargers… very reluctantly

The Cardinals v Panthers is another woeful matchup of woeful teams suffering woeful QB problems. This is probably the single hardest game on the board to predict this week. Which turd will step up and win the Tidy Bowl game? Ultimately, after the Cards ran up the score on Denver, I believe their offensive punch is simply better than that of the Panthers. I’ll take the Cards… very reluctantly. This will be the most unwatchable game of the week.

The Jaguars v Colts is headache of a different persuasion. The experts say that the Colts win this game on paper. I say that just isn’t true. Peyton Manning’s numbers are not as fantastic as you think they are, and if you take those away, the Colts numbers look really bad. This will be a year to forget for the great one, and the distinguished Colts. The Super Bowl loser’s jinx is eating at their balls. The Jags can easily win this game, and this might even warrant an upset special of the week. I’ll take the Colts… very reluctantly.

The rats are bailing out of the crashing Jets faster than they ever abandoned any sinking ship. Don’t be so quick to write them off. They executed a major swoon last year before rallying in the playoffs. The real problem is that the Jets are weak in the lines. Their once elite offensive line is really showing the loss of Alan Faneca. Further, their defensive line is having big problems generating pass rush. The dirty little secret everybody keeps in the closet is that the Jets can’t seem to sack the QB this year. But then again, the Steelers are having trouble mustering a pass rush also. I see little reason to be confident in the Steelers. They seem to struggle along, and gather wins in the process, but they sure do fail to impress. I can see the Jets winning this game, but I will pick the Steelers… very reluctantly.

Finally, we have the Patriots v Packers. Of course, the media has already crowned the Patriots the SB 45 champions. Unfortunately, we just haven’t played the Super Bowl yet. If the Pack had a healthy Aaron Rodgers, they would be my favorite in this game. Unfortunately, they do not have a healthy Aaron Rodgers. Further, his medical status for the game is UNLIKELY as I pen this entry. Without Rodgers, I see little chance of the Packers beating the Patriots in their house. I’ll take the Patriots… very reluctantly.