Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week 13 Results, Week 14 Predictions

Well... Things weren't so good last week. I went 11-5. I added another bean to the loss column rather than a win. I'm not happy about that.

The reasons were pretty clear. Del Homme shocked the world by pitching well in route to a win with the Browns. I never saw it coming. The Broncos suddenly upset the Chiefs, and then promptly sacked Josh McDaniels. I never saw that coming. The Chargers got swept by Raiders, and at home! Never saw that coming. Shock-o-rooskie. Manning stunned us all by slumping further, and finishing as the goat.

This week (weak?) I am very, very, very uncomfortable about a couple of picks. I hate picking the Broncos over the Cardinals. I would have equal hatred for a Cardinal pick in this case. This is a virtual pick'em situation. You have two bad teams who have lost to the Rams in back-to-back weeks. Which turd will win the tidy bowl game? Diddo for the 49ers vs Seahawks. I find it difficult to believe the 49ers will win this game, but I find it equally difficult to believe the Seahawks will win this game. That is a pick'em situation, but I will go with homefield advantage in this case. I am very, very squeamish about picking the 49ers.

Finally, I hate picking the World Champs over my team, but I find it difficult to believe my boys are going to outscore the Saints in the Super Dome. I will have more to say about this in a more detailed blog later. Suffice it to say that this will have to be the biggest performance of Sam Bradford's rookie year if we are to have any chance of competing with the Saints. All you need to do is compare Sam's passing numbers to Drew Brees' numbers and you will see how much more offense the Saints can muster.