Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 9 Results, Week 10 Predictions

I had another so-so week last week going 8-5. I suppose you can make money in Vegas at that level, but I never better. True Virgos don't gamble. I strive for accuracy. I am still looking for that elusive perfect week where I call them all down the line.

This week is full of difficult choices. I can see a lot of different scenarios in this weeks matchups. Texans v Jaguars is one of the most maddening choices on the board. Right next to it is the terrible match between the Cardinals and Seahawks. Those are truly no-win propositions.

Of course, the game I am looking forward to the most is the Rams at 49ers. This is our first opportunity to defeat them in some time, and it is our first opportunity to post a winning record past mid-season in a very long time.

Memo to Sam Bradford: The very best birthday present to you can serve yourself is a victory over the 49ers. Understand that they are the most hated enemy in the lexicon of despised Ram foes. We hate them with every fiber of our being. Kurt Warner cemented himself with Ram fans by busting up the 49ers in his first try. Do the same and most all doubters will be silenced. Lock those pinchers on them and sting them good, Scorpio. You'll be glad you did.