Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So they had an election yesterday...?

Ah, jeezee... look at the news this morning. It's all about who won the election... I guess they must have held an election yesterday. I was busy yesterday making my last pot of stew before gastric bypass, ergo I didn't notice. Not that I would have anyhow, mind you. I TiVo everything I possibly can so I can fast-forward through all the commercials. This is especially true with political commercials. I will also hit the mute button on my remote to ensure I don't get a blast of any of that rubbish.

It would seem that the Democrats took one hell of an ass-whipping last night. Everywhere except California that is. I scoff at those who are celebrating and mourning this morning.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: The Fact that the Republicans won last night only means that Walmart took the lead in the market this Christmas season. The fact that the Democrats lost only means that Target is running behind Walmart this season. You should greet that news with little or no emotional attachments. I don't care. Neither should you. Either way, you will get similar products at similar prices. Target and Walmart pretend to be different. It is to laugh. Next season it will flip again: Target will lead Walmart. At that time, you'll get similar products at similar prices also.

For those of you naive fools who believe that the U.S. has a conservative and a progressive party, I have tough news for you: You're absolutely and completely wrong. I mean you are 100% wrong with a 100% chance of being 100% wrong and a ZERO PERCENT (0%) chance of being even 1% right. The USA has no conservative party. The USA has no progressive party.

The Target and Walmart parties shook hands long ago, agreeing to a duopoly. They agreed to play roles on stage. You pretend to be conservative. I will pretend to be progressive. We all know none of this is real. We are just actors on stage pretending to be engaged in a dramatic battle. This is just a stage play. The heroes and villains are actually best buddies backstage. They drink and fuck together all the time.

What we have in these United States of America is two wholly-owned subsidiaries of International Conglomerate America. Their sole purpose is to pump unlimited amounts of corporate welfare into the very largest of big-businesses found in this country. Regardless of whether Target or Walmart hold the majority, this is the one and only true agenda: pump unlimited amounts of corporate welfare into the very largest of big businesses.

Understand the meaning of Dave's law: US Democracy is nothing more than an exercise in the organized looting of the public sector by the private sector. That is all it is. That is what it is. Only this and nothing more. A politician has but one true function in life: Charge up the American credit cards just as high as they will go and stuff that money into the very largest of big businesses. This is their function regardless of whether Target or Walmart won the election.

If you happen to be one of the drippy musical hippies I see crying in their Starbucks cups this morning, I want you all to know you are the most abjectly pitiful fellows in the entire universe this morning. You shed tears for absolutely no reason. You have been tricked into believing that you just lost something, when nothing of the kind has happened. Target no longer controls the House. So what? You should shed tears because you tricked into believing that somebody actually represents your interests in this political process. It is not so.

The same goes double for your (true) conservatives who are walking on sunshine this morning. Let me get this straight, you think you actually won something last night? Nope, you did not. Shake off the illusions, bubba! Everything is going to keep going the way it is going until the 3rd economic bubble bursts. When the United States Treasury Bill bubble bursts, the U.S. Dollar will collapse, a mighty blast of economic hell will be unleashed, and a military dictator will come into power. That autocratic dictator will reflate the currency by introducing a new eBuck, or some new currency of that kind.

Of course that means that biggest corps will be ruined. Tough shit. A dictator doesn't need your money or approval to do what he does. His political power will blossom from the barrel of a gun. If you don’t like it, you can line up against the wall and face the firing squad. Better think twice before you challenge this dude. US/Nato 5.56mm rounds really, really hurt when they hit you. As I have mentioned before, I am keeping a close watch on several current and former 4-star generals to see which one of them might make a move when the big crisis strikes.

I haven't participated in a single election process since 2000, and I do not intend to at any point in the foreseeable future. I do not intend to tacitly endorse the process or the outcomes by participating in it. This is a bad no-win game. The only way to win is not to play. Our ‘democracy’ is a programmatic non-fit for our needs in this new economic era.