Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 11 Performance, and Week 12 Predictions

No need to boast about a 12-3 record last week. The record speaks for itself. It was my best week ever.

In all honesty it was an easy week of match-ups. There were only a couple of difficult choices on the board. Further, things are becoming clearer as we go along.

Now how about this week? There are very difficult choices on the board this week. I had a heck of a head ache, requiring 220mg of Naproxen and 650MG of time release Tylenol, by the time I got done with this board.

Saints v Cowboys is the most difficult choice on the board. Tallent-wise, it seems to be an even match. Moment-wise... who knows? Health-wise, who is better and worse off? Dallas has homefield advantage but I have serious problems picking them against the world champs. I doubt they will pull it off. New Orleans certainly has the better QB in this match, and in a tie breaker situation I will choose the better QB.

Redskins v Vikings is another maddening choice of two lousy teams who are not contenders. Do you think that the Vikings will get up and win one for themselves and their new coach? Do you think the Redskins will build on their momentum of last week. Both of these teams are poor and inconsistent. Toss a coin, pick one and know you are likely to be wrong.

I don't want to talk about the Dolphins and Raiders. The Dolphins are a great disappointment to me and they are down to their 3rd string QB. I'll take the Raiders based on home-field advantage.

Now the Rams and Broncos are truly a maddening matchup. The Broncos are poor, but the Rams aren't much better. The Rams don't win on the road, but the Broncos are having big trouble at home. Madness... sheer madness. As a true hommer, I will take my Rams. For the objective out there: Toss a coin and know you are likely to be wrong.

The Colts v Chargers is close but not all that close. I think the Colts are the much better team. With that said. Norv has had their number several times over the past several years. Ultimately, I don't think you want to play Peyton in his house after a stinging defeat to the Patriots. I think the Chargers are going to take an ass-whupping, with special motivational thanks going to the Patriots.

Now we have the worst match of the day: 49ers v Cardinals. It is a match-up of NFC West cellar dwellers. Ultimately, I think the 49ers are a bit better, and if they loose, heads are going to roll. If the players lay-down, consider it a vote against Mike Singletary.