Sunday, November 7, 2010

For the Rams, 4 is a magic number

So the bye-week went extremely well for the Rams. Without firing a shot, the Rams are now in sole possession of 1st place in the NFC West. How so? We hold a head-to-head victory of Seattle 20-3. We have an equal conference, and better non-conference record.

We are also ahead of them on net points. The Seahawks are at -51, and we are at -1. The net points figure tells much about the seasons these two teams are having. The Seahawks have been getting blown up lately. The Rams have been fighting a lot of close battles.

The has been much talk inside Ram Nation about a certain collection of simulation computers that project our Rams as the eventual winner of the NFC. We have the best stats of any team in the division. Offense, defense, and special teams, we have the lead pretty well across the board.

The evening, Fran Charles of the NFL Network presented both the AFC and NFC playoff pictures. If they stopped the season today, the Rams are 4th seed in the NFC Tournament. It's all rather shocking if you ask me. Very hard to believe, but we just might make a run at the playoffs.

Four is a magic number. We are 4-4. The NFC West is the 4th and lowest division in the NFC standings. We are the 4th seed, as of today. We also need to go on a 4 game winning streak, but we should do it one game at a time.

This will all be for naught if we don't get that next one against the 49ers. It is imperative that we take them down.