Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 7 Record and Week 8 Predictions

So week 7 was a 7-7 affair. Three massive upsets broke my gambit for a winning streak. Nobody but nobody saw the Browns and Saints turning out that way. I think very few expected the Titans to win in lopsided fashion without Vince Young. Nobody expected the Raiders to score the greatest number of points in their franchise history going against Denver last week.

Then we have the all-out robbery of the Miami Dolphins. I don't want to labor the point. This is all they have been talking about (aside from Lorenzo Favre) on the NFL Network, even rolling out the chief of officiating to discuss the issue. Most of us realize this was a near instant replay of Super Bowl XL. The Refs handed one to the Steelers.

This week we have a few filthy matchups that are tough to call. Who will be worse, the Broncos or the 49ers? Can the 49ers suddenly ignite with new QB Troy Smith? Who will be worse, the Jagwads or the Cowboys? How about the Bucs Cardinals? How about the Seahawks and Raiders? How about Rams Panthers? Filthy match-ups one and all.

Tough to know who is going to win this week.

The big matches are the Packers v Jets, the Saints v Steelers, and the Texans v Colts. These are good shake-out match-ups that will indicate who is for real, and who isn't.

The worst of the day is the Vikings v Patriots. It is interesting, as usual, for all the worst reasons. High melodrama there. If Favre plays, The Hoodie wins by 50. This is not really a competitive match up. It's soap opera. When and if the Patriots crush the bumbling Vikings, the media will certainly draw the fallacious inference that the Patriots are in the hunt for the Super Bowl, and the Vikings aren't out of it yet.