Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 4 record, and Week 5 picks

I hit my target goal of 8-6 last week, but was disapointed it wasn't better than that. Had we not seen a few fluke laiden performances, particularly in Miami, I could have been 9-5,

This week appears to be easier than ever. There were only a few sweat-provoking choices on the board this week.

Chief among them is the Colts v Chiefs match up at Lucas Oil Field. I am taking the Colts. This is a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous pick. The Chiefs are undefeated, and the Super Bowl loser's jinx weighs heavy on the brows of the Colts. Make no mistake about it, the jinx is on. Ultimately, I am going with the Colts because I cannot see them dropping two in a row, with a home game, to a team winning with smoke and mirrors. I am sure they see an opportunity to dispel talk of the Hang-Over and silence the whispering campaign underway. Although I think they will win, it won't kill the Jinix.

Believe it or not, the Bears Panthers is also a sweat provoker. Cutler was sacked 10 times against the Giants and is now sidelined with a concussion. This could and should be the most unwatchable game of the weekend. Are you prepared to watch a pair of QBs struggle and fail all game long? He who makes less than 12 critical mistakes will win.

The 49ers v Eagles also produced some sweat. Ultimately, I am going with the 49ers. I don't the 49ers will continue to loose forever, and I have no confidence in Eagles with Kobb at the Helm. The Eagles will play a maximally outdated form of the WCO in SF, and I think this will lead to SF's first victory of the year.

Probably the most intriguing game of the week is the Vikings v Jets, and for all the wrong reasons. There is too much melodrama and bullshit surrounding this game for it to be a reasonably scientific football match up. This is a game for the slobbering idiots to enjoy. Ultimately, I just don't think the Vikings are as talented and solid as the Jets, but I am not sold on the Jets either.

For me, and perhaps for everybody in the West, the single most intriguing aspect of the weekend is this: The Rams could very well be in sole possession of the NFC West division by Sunset Sunday. The Division has been gift wrapped for the Rams in week 5.

The Seahawks are idle and cannot help their situation. The 49ers may win, but they are deep in a hole. The Cardinals have to play the World Champion Saints in the immediate aftermath of a stinging last-second defeat. In short, the Rams should have a half-game lead on the Seahawks come nightfall.

The Rams cannot overlook the Lions, and this is a dangerous match up. I have been dreading this match since draft day. This is Ndamukong Suh's opportunity to explain to Devaney why he made a mistake in passing Bradford over himself. I worry a lot about that. Given our weak guards, Center Jason Brown will have to allocated 100% to Suh.

We beat them last year for our only win. We are much strong this year, and they still lack their outstanding QB Matt Stafford. Shaun Hill is doing a solid job in relief, but I think we can confuse him. I have soft spot in my heart for the Lions. My last name means Lion. I have plenty of Leo in my chart and in my family. I still hope you will get up and make a run, but start the run when Matt Stafford comes back next week.