Sunday, October 10, 2010

It was one of those Goddamn days...

As you all know, the Rams got mauled by the Lions 44-6. It was just one of those Goddamn days.

The Rams opened the game by attempting an on-side kick, which failed. The Lions immediately cashed it in for a field goal. I guess we thought we would one-up the New Orleans Saints or something. This set the stage for quite an ass-raping.

Then the Rams lost Mark Clayton when he injured his right knee in the 1st quarter. Right now, they are calling it a sprain, but it doesn't look good. I was greatly heartened to see that Mardy Gilyard finally caught a few passes (2 for 22 yards), but the entire game consisted of short check-downs to Danny Amendola (12 for 95). You just can't come from behind with a passing game that looks like that.

That was a very crushing defeat. Just when we thought we had it rolling, guess what? Nope. This is quite a reversal. I hope this does not trigger a lapse.

You can bet there will be a chorus of chanters calling for a trade with San Diego for Vincent Jackson now. My feelings on the subject are quite mixed. I think Vincent Jackson is a big target, but he is a hot and cold guy. I think people tend to be overwhelmed by his physical profile and don't look hard enough at his mixed production figures.

I think he is quite over-rated. He cannot be mentioned in the company of guys like Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson or Roddy White. I don't think he fits in the 2nd tier category with guys like T.O. and Randy Moss either.

Jackson would not be my top choice for a franchise wide receiver to build around. I would be looking for Leonard Hankerson of Miami, and possibly Julio Jones of Alabama, should he come out. However, with the brewing crisis at WR the Rams are suffering from now, a deal for Vincent Jackson may be compelling.