Friday, June 25, 2010

Words of wisdom from Coach Spags...?

Of course, it is well understood that I am no longer a Ram fan anymore. I sold-out and cut my losses a few days ago. However, not every automated news service understands this fact just yet. I'll have to make some adjustments at a few web-control consoles soon.

In any case, I found this very... odd... looking piece of bacon in my mailbox this morning. "Words of Wisdom from Coach Spags."

I was a little nonplussed. I have to be careful in the way that I phrase these next few statements because I am attempted to make a very small point, not a big point, and not a slag on the Rams. Naturally, the IQ levels of most sports fans will not allow them to grasp the fact that this is a small point piece. They will naturally interpret this as an attack by a bitter ex-fan. Idiots! Morons! Buffoons! Stop reading, it won't help your situation.

The odd thing about this piece is that businessmen never quote sports icons until... well... until they become icons. They never quote the wisdom of legendary coaches until they become legendary coaches.

In my life I have seen lots of Lombardi quotes like those presented in the article. I have seen lots of Shula, lots of Walsh, lots of Parcells, and some Joe Gibbs. The last time I saw few pieces like this, the subject was "Great quotes for businessmen from Coach Bellichick".

Now, I happen to think very highly of Coach Spags. I think he is doing a fantastic job of managing razor thin talent on that St. Louis defense. I will be eternally grateful to him, as will the 1972 Dolphins, for destroying the Patriots undefeated run. The two guys most responsible for that devastating defeat of the Patriots were David Tyre and Steve Spanuolo. He more than earned that big frickin' ring. You can see what he meant to the New York Giants by what happened to their defense last season (dropped to 30th in the NFL).

With all that said about Coach Spags, I am a little stunned that St. Louis Businessmen are quoting words of wisdom from coach Spags. He's had 1 year as the Rams head coach, and we all know what happened. I am not going to explain it. Granted, this was not Spag's fault. It would have been worse without him. The Rams surely would have duplicated the Lions' 0-16 run without Coach Spags, but... that fate was only one victory away.

Anyhow it is time for me to sum up my point: It's just a little too soon to start doing this. Very small point.