Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This just in, the 75 inch Mitsubishi LaserVue has arrived

DOM-DOM-DOM!!! You can hear the symphonic tympani explode in the background...

Mitsubishi just dropped the H-Bomb in the rest of the league. Those who were not lucky enough to be vaporized instantly by the blast are now dying of radiation poisoning.

The market impact of the new LaserVue may not be that massive, but I think it is going to be big. The news reports in my mailbox indicate that the L75-A91 has arrived. This is in contradistinction to the L65-A90, which was the original LaserVue introduced for public consumption back in 2008.

Let me show you how to decode that nomenclature. L stands for laser. The next two digits indicate inches. 65 indicated 65 inches; 75 indicates 75 inches. A9 in the technology model. If that changes the brains and guts of the HDTV will have changed dramatically. The last digit indicates revision of the technology model.

So with that key we can see that L65-A90 indicates Laser, 65 inch, A9 technology, revision Zero. The model just introduced is the L75-A91. This indicates Laser, 75 inch, A9 technology, revision one. They increased the size 10 inches and revved the technology. Marvelous, eh?

Ready for the punch line? The 75 incher costs $1,000 less than the L65-A90 did when it was originally introduced in the year 2008. $5,999 is not to much to spend for a masterpiece like this. I am pleased by this price progress.

This news really flipped my lid and made my day. I feared that DLP was going tthe way of the dynosaurs and that Mitsubishi might just give up on LaserVue. Not a chance. They are still open for business. I am excited.

75 inches! That is just drop-dead gorgeous! It would look fantastic in my living room. I want one. My HDTV is now officially for sale. I do not want to continue with this 55 inch Luxia that still features a bit of motion blur. I want to reward Mitsubishi for this great achievement.

The one and the only disappointment is that this remains a 1080p unit. We get the standard 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution we have always seen. I am still looking forward to the days of 4K resolution. Toshiba is doing that now, but their technology is not for me. I want Laser, not LCD. I want big, not 55 inches. 55 inches is not big.

Of course, they are touting that this is a 3d-ready unit. What does that mean? It means you need to spend another $300 or $400 to make it fully 3d functional. Why would I do such a thing? I have no idea. I give up, why would I?