Monday, June 7, 2010

Tyler Florence won the home run derby

Wow... I just finished watch Tyler's ultimate cowboy-style ribeye steak episode! Oh my GAWD! Was it that good? In Texas they would reply with a SHE-YIT! That's like saying "foeget about it!" in Brooklyn.

Believe me, you have to see this to believe it. The steaks, the onion potato tart, the creamy swich chard, the garlic & herb breadcrumb garnish; it was strictly a masterpiece. My shirt was wet I was salivating to much. I have to try this who meal plan. It's just amazing. If you really want to blow somebody's brains out, invite said individual over for this meal.

Regrettably, a lot of women here on the West Coast resent the idea of a Cowboy steak. The sushi. I hate sushi. Its a girlee thing. They think it is femme to dress up and go eat sushi. Ergo, you would have to find a special candidate to wow her with this one.

The one and only quibble I will toss in there is that I like my steak medium well, not medium rare. As we all know, this is ultra-subjective, and just a question of cook time.

I especially like the fact that he used the cast iron pan and the mandolin slicer in this episode. Cast iron has become an obsession with me. I would have liked to see him pull out the one with the grill on it, but it would not have developed that good crust he spoke of.

The mandolin is one of the least-utilized pieces of equipment in the arsenal, and that's a shame, because it is really great at making perfectly uniform slices. In truth, highend food processors have stolen it's thunder. If you get a big wide-mouth unit, you can get the same effect even faster.

This one is not going to require much tinkering. You don't mess with perfection. This is pretty damn close to the perfect meal plan.