Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's call it a victory, the chili was pretty good.

So I sampled my first post-gastric bypass chili con carne about 1 hour ago. Aside from a bit of mild discomfort in my gut, the Chili was pretty terrific. The beans seem to be producing some gas pressure which is a bit heavy on me right now.

My greatest error was that the beans turned out a tad bit under-done. They are not exactly hard, but they are not as soft as they should be. That's giving me some problems right now. This not cool. Next time, my beasn are going to make their own private trek through the pressure cooker. They are going to be mushy next time.

Once again, I don't know if this tastes like an authentic Mexican Mole Nego dish, but it was very mild, sweet and savory. That is probably a good thing considering my current medical condition. Still, I am bit puzzled. It is hard to understand how I could have obtained such a sweet and mild result given the variety and quantity Chiles I used in the production of my chil con carne.

Of course, I am well aware of the fact that not all chilles are hot. Some are sweet, some are savory, some are bitter, some are acidic and sour. There are all kinds of chiles. Nevertheless, some of my ingredients contained plenty of capsaicin. What would you say to 90,000 CA Cayenne pepper in the chili powder? How about the Pequin and Arbol chiles? They pack some stang.

You would never know it if you tried the chili I just made tonight. I guess next time I will have to add in the Habenero. I chickened out tonight because of the presence of the other chiles and my current medical status.

Next time Habenero.