Sunday, March 20, 2011

The first day of spring means it's Aries season

For those who don't know, March 20th is the Vernal or Spring Equinox. This means that tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Traditionally, the Equinox means that we have exactly 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. This 'taint necessarily so. It depends on your north/south Latitude. For instance, in my Dad's home city of Quito Ecuador, they always have 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. The city sits directly on the Earth's equator.

Now we have dreaded Aries season. Traditionally, this has not been a bad time for me. Aside from some spring allergies, this is usually a good time of year, pre-occupied by the NFL Draft. We will see the birthdays of a large number of NFL Greats not the least of whom are John Madden, Bill Bellichick, Peyton Manning, and the Rams' own Chris Long. There are many others.

This year, I am wary. In theory, my hottest sexual/romantic match is an Aries woman, born on 4/13/1979. We have an insane 538 score together. There are reasons for this. My moon is in Aries. My Venus and Mars are in Leo. There is plenty of fire under my hood. I am somewhat concerned that I might meet this 32 year old whirling dervish sometime in the next 60 days.

My physical transformation is proceeding pretty well. My weight is down to 284, which may not impress, but this does not tell the whole story. My lean mass has not only held, it has increased somewhat. According to the latest composition tests, I have 191 pounds of lean mass.

This surprised my doctors somethin' fierce. They expected losses of lean muscle and bone density. So far, it's going the other way. This is a testimony to how hard I am working now on various and sundry workout gear.

My buddy Gabriel was rather stunned when he saw me this past Saturday morning. He hadn't seen me since before the surgery. He said I look a hell of a lot different. I guess loosing 47 pounds of pure fat while putting 1 pound of lean on will do that to you.

So what if I were to run into an available instance of Ms. 4/13/1979 around and about her 32nd birthday? I shutter to think...

Earth and Fire do not mix well. In particularly, Virgo and Aries are a poor match. Aries is know for its temper. Believe me, I know. My mom is an Aries and she had the ability to explode. Unfortunately, I do too, and I detest it with a passion. You see, Virgo men (and women) simply will not put up with high intensity emotional outbursts, tantrums, drama, venting matches, etc. In a perfect world, there would be none of that. Utterly inferior people cannot contain or control their emotions. We won't have it. We just don't put up with it.

We like to be calm, cool, collected, dispassionate, reasoned, analytical, sensible, logical, pragmatic. This is in keeping with our Mercurial nature. Whilst on the topic of Mercury, it would seem that we Virgo men have the reputation for being Mercurial in another way: We are world class dumpers. A chick can be in with us solid, and one temper tantrum later, she is out. I mean all the way out. Forget about it. Done and done. I told you, we just won't put up with that shit.

There are other reasons. Aries is the sign of the War Chieftain. They make good football coaches because they can be extremely bossy. Aries women often wind up wearing the pants in the family. Some Virgos like to be dominated. Not me baby. I won't have it. I simply will not put up with that shit.

Aries tend to be wild and passionate folk. They are aggressive, with a fairly instant ignition when it comes to sex drive. Virgo is not like that. Consider the hermit and the virgin imagery. We cautious, careful, conservative. We don't jump quick. We need time to consider the ramifications of hanging around with an Aries, pardon the pun. We take awhile to make up our minds.

There are other factors at play.

I have been attracted to several Aries women in my lifetime. There was a big one named Michelle in 1996. No good has ever come of it. There were a significant number of negative consequences resulting from each of these cases. Looking back on it, the best thing I can say about these happenings is that they were monumental wastes of time, energy, talent, money and effort. Squandered effort.

With that said, you may understand why I am negative to ambivalent about meeting up with a 4/13/1979 female in this season. In a best case scenario, it would be another quick failure with a lot of negatives flowing out of it. In a worst case scenario, it would become something semi-long term that is poorly conceived and doomed from inception. There you would find much wasted time effort and distraction from real and achievable goals. With a score of 538, I am inclined to think it would be the worst case scenario.

It's cool to have an Aries buddy, or an Aries next to you on the D-Line, but a wife? That is a Ram of a different color.