Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Synastry Files, Part 2

So the company has me hopping these days. I will have time for only a short entry as a big batch job runs, under my careful supervision.

Last night I typed in the birthdates for over 100 female Geminis of my generation. Together with the Gemini dates already in the celebrity database, I had close to 200 total samples. I discarded many from generations gone by as un-interesting, and possibly detrimental to the scores.

For only the second time, I tried an automated batch tool inside Kepler 7.0 called "Match Maker". It was difficult, but possible, for me to segregate the Geminis into their own group, and compare them to my chart. The tool sequentially compares any given chart to that of any collection in the database. The results are presented in sorted order, high to low or low to high, which ever you prefer.

The results were remarkable. The Geminis are now the second hottest group behind the Libras. Their scores ran well ahead of the Aquarians, who also show unusually high scores versus my chart. The Gemini scores ranged between 0 and 323, with Mode, mean and median right around 138. There were several scores in the high 200s. They could not eclipse the scores of the top Libras, but the broke into the top 5.

Unfortunately, the aggression figures were also high. Gemini aggression scores were not as high as Libra aggression scores, but then again, neither were their romantic and sexual attraction scores. Both Libra and Gemini aggression scores are higher than the romantic and sexual attraction scores. The results with Aquarians were similar.

Incidentally, Angelina Jolie happens to be a Gemini. She comes pre-packaged in the celebrity database. I have a romantic and sexual attraction score of 64 versus Angelina. That might be a bit on the high side. Strangely, we have an aggression score of just 8 points. This is the lowest I have seen among the Air clan. Go figure.

This has left me scratching my head. Why does the elevated sexual score walk hand in hand and side by side with an elevated aggression score? Is this bullshit? Is this even possible?

After a bit of reading on the psychology of intense sexual relationships, it would seem that the answer is "No it's not bullshit, and yes it is entirely possible."

Those who study these things basically say that the blowtorch that burns 10 times as hot burns 10% as long. You can't get into one of these red-hot burners without getting burned out.

Further, there is a much more profound point to be found here. There is only one way you can enter into one of these red-hot burners, and that is through the gateway of hyper-sensitivity. If you not hyper-sensitive to everything your lover does, the relationship just won't be that intense. If you are hyper sensitive to your lover, every little thing she does is magic. Every little sway of the hips, every little brush or her hand, every little bat or her eyelashes will set you on fire.

There is a dark side to that force. If you are hyper-sensitive to her, any careless word, any little criticism, any sign of anger from her can demolish you to a pile of rubble. Further, any little criticism from you, any little sign of anger, any little bit of ingratitude or rejection will wound her to the core.

This is why those deep the throws of love can fight like mad putbulls in a steel cage.

If these Synastry scores are to be believed, I could easily get into one of the blow-torch relationships with a Libra like Kim Kardashian. All air women are somewhat likely candidates for this kind of relationship. These figures indicate that it would be a hyper-sensitive and unstable affair. It would be delicious in the extreme, and painful in the same measure.

I think Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson had one of these relationships. I need to check their Synastry figures...