Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So everybody is talking about Kobb, Vick and Reid

So, Andy Reid made the decision to bench Kobb and go with Vick. I was shocked as hell. Frankly I see both sides of the argument well. Ultimately, somewhat reluctantly, I concur with Reid's decision.

First, I can understand why Kobb would be pissed as hell. They traded McNabb to give him the starting job, they upped Kobb's salary, they put Vick in his place, they handed the job to Kevin. Now, after a single quarter performance--that did not go well--the job now belongs to Vick. If I were Kevin, I would feel like a horse's ass. I would feel like the biggest damn idiot of all time. Why did I believe in these people? Why did I buy into this coach? This is humiliation.

However, with that said, there is plenty of justification. Vick is playing amazing football. Furthermore, the West Coast Offense doesn't work anymore. As I mentioned once before, Reid had one hell of a retro-moment against the Packers. He attempted to run a fully Kosher WCO just exactly the way Bill Walsh and Joe Montana did it back in 1981. That was the first time I saw that style in quite some time. As we know, the experiment did not go well. The Packer defense ate them up.

Then Vick comes in and we see the WCO playbook go on the BBQ fire. It is always a night at the improv with Michael Vick running the show. This worked extremely well. Vick caused the Packer defense some serious problems. He also did an amazing job against the Detroit Lions who were game for victory.

There is a large crew of serious analysts out there who believe that only Michael Vick can do the things Steve Young once did... I happen to be one of those guys.

In any case, I have the Eagles with Kobb short-shrift. I can't ignore the Eagles with Michael Vick. I think the Eagles will win the division if Vick remains at the helm for the next 14 games. The sky is the limit. The Cowboys are not playing well. The Redskins are playing well, but I don't think they will keep it up at this pace. The Giants are just too tender and under-done on defense to give me serious hopes for them.

The Eagles with Vick will probably win the division.