Monday, September 21, 2009

The Rams should make Trent Green their offensive coordinator

The Rams have scored a total of 7 points this year. That's one touchdown in 8 quarters of play. We weren't exactly playing the 1985 Bears and the 1976 Steelers either. Compare and contrast our total of 7 points with the 92 points scored by the New Orleans Saints in these first two games. The Spirit of the Greatest Show on Turf and Air Coryell now resides under the roof at the Superdome.

So what are we going to do about it? Are we just going to keep plugging, or are we going to make a change?

This morning, one morning show was discussing the problems some certain team was having offensively. It wasn't the Rams. I think it might have been the Redskins. Immediately, one of the voices recommended hiring Trent Green as the new offensive coordinator. "He's too smart to be doing color commentary on Sundays. Trent has to become a coach at some point." The other voice agreed with him.

I mulled that over for about 10 seconds. I agree. Trent is too smart to be doing color commentary. If we don't hire him, somebody else will. When we have the most desperate problems offensively, we should be the one to make this move. If Trent is agreeable, we need to hire him. He has been in our camp several times. He knew our system in the Greatest Show on Turf days. He was the NFL's top rated quarterback in 2000, when Warner went down with an injury. We dealt him to KC for a 1st round draft pick, which in retrospect, looks like a big mistake. Trent is from the St. Louis area. Let's bring him back.

This move would also signify the moment when we abandon our attempt to get the West Coast Offense rolling in St. Louis. Let's face the facts guys. It has been three years. Things have been getting steadily worse. We aren't running the scheme, and what we are doing isn't working at all. When we already enjoyed the most high-performance offense the world has ever known (at least until New Orleans) I don't see why we want to step down to a complicated ball-control passing scheme.

Bring Trent in. Ask him to run the offense he wants to run. Let's see what he does. I bet it will look much more like Mike Martz and Don Coryell than Bill Walsh and Mike Holmgren.