Thursday, February 17, 2011

So my body forced an early transition today

So as regards my liquid diet, I hit the wall today. Tomorrow would have marked the 28th and last day of the liquid diet under normal circumstances. Had things gone according to plan, I would have begun transitioning to semi-soft foods such as yogurt, cottage cheese, and soft fruits tomorrow.

Instead, I broke the liquid diet about 15-16 hours early, around 4:00pm in the afternoon. That was when I had my first yogurt and soft 8 grain crackers. Why? Well I'll tell you about that.

This was a weak day, not a week day mind you. I got out of bed feeling a bit weak. There was no significant weight loss this morning. Yesterday I weighed in at 299.2. This morning it was 299. Sound good? It's not really.

My breakfast protein drink went down hard this morning. You might even say it even caused a bit of an upset, when they normally never do. About an hour later, I found myself fighting an epic battle with constipation. I felt like I was breaking down concrete blocks with my bowls. I assure you, that was no fun. So great was the battle that there was even a trace of blood in my stool... Once the concrete blocks came out. Then it was diarrhea.

My lunch time walking workout was very weak. I even had to stop early, something I never do. I just couldn't finish. I was really hungry, but I couldn't look at another protein drink. I felt it was responsible for concrete in my bowls. I wanted fiber and I wanted yogurt, but I did not give in.

At work, I was hyper fatigued. So much so, that I was little good to anyone. I fired off a couple of automated services I am responsible for and I snuck out the door. I headed for Whole Foods where I acquired some very nice Greek yogurt, in honor of the Iron Chef Michael Symon, as well as some pineapple and blue berries.

Naturally, I ate the moment I got home. Six ounces of blue berry yogurt and about 14 small crackers (no larger than a Cheeze It). Having flavors and textures pass down my throat for the first time in 27 days was a trip. It felt and tasted weird.

Fortunately, everything went down just fine, and I feel fine. I am a little tired, but it was a difficult day, and it is 10:33pm. It is good to know that the reconstituted plumbing is working. It's another sign that my recovery is ahead of schedule.

I doubt my doctors would freak over the early transition. After all, it is only 15-16 hours. Further, the difficulties with the protein drink may well be signalling that my body has had enough and is well-ready to go in a new direction.

One interesting aside: When I began this journey 27 days ago, my body weight was just about 330 pounds. As I mentioned, I weighed in at 299 this morning. I have already shed 31 pounds, and I expect the loss figure to be greater tomorrow; perhaps 297 if I am lucky and on target.

If so, I will have already shed 10% of my total body mass, in just 28 days. Also, my total weight loss competition percentage will stand at 33.33%. I needed to drop 99-100 pounds to make my ideal target weight. I will be one third of the way to the goal line.

It is difficult to believe I have come this far in so short a period of time. In many respects, it has been a brutal process, but the time has flown by. It feels like I just started. Before you know it, I'm going to be there.

Has this made any difference to my knee pain? You bet. It's almost gone. Of course, you might want to credit the Lortab (liquid Norco) that Dr. Qullici prescribed for me, but I am using that sparingly. I can already walk on thread mill for 1.4 miles at 3.4 mph without significant pain, before, during or after the exercise. That's a huge win.

An interesting footnote: My order of Spanish Bomba rice just arrived today from I got 5 Kilos at a nice discount; 5 kilos is 11 pounds. Carrying the box up the stairs was enough to put a little extra strain on my right knee. This caused a wince or two of pain.

27 days ago, I used to haul 3 boxes worth worth of extra fat weight up and down those stairs. No wonder I was in pain.