Monday, July 20, 2009

Mike Vick to the 49ers?

Most of the NFL news today revolves around the release of Michael Vick from the U.S. Penal system. He is now a free man. So where does he go from here? Many sports writers are advocating his reinstatement. I doubt that will be much a problem. I happen to think he will be reinstated without much delay.

One reason to predict a quick reinstatement is that Roger Goodell knows Vick won't have an easy time finding a job. Animal rights activists are a bitch. Taking two prime years out of an athlete's career is also a bitch. The life & times of a black quarterback who runs a lot is not exactly easy either. Vick has the reputation of being a throwing tailback. That is as difficult to live down as the dog-fighting rep. Goodell probably won't hesitate to say yes because his yes won't guarantee Vick a future in the NFL.

So in view of this, where can Vick play quarterback in the NFL? In a previous blog entry, I advanced my theory that the team with the worst QB situation in the NFL is the team most likely to sign Vick. So who the heck is that Football team? There are several candidates, but I think that one of them stands out head and shoulders without a peer: The San Francisco 49ers.

Let's face the facts jack, the 49ers ain't got nothing at the QB position. They have shit-squat, poodly squat, and cock-squat at the three QB slots on their depth chart. To you 49er fans out there: This is not a Ram fan breaking your balls. It is what it is, as Peyton Manning would say. You know that this is the truth. Your biggest single problem in life is the fact that you don't have a QB. Most 49er fans in the know openly lament this fact. I have heard considerable weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth on the radio up North, and it is all about the QB situation. Gone is Joe, gone is Steve, gone is Elvis, gone is Bono, gone is Jeff... they have all gone away. Several 49er fans I know would kill for the second-coming of Steve DeBerg.

With that said, the 49ers have already stated emphatically, absolutely, and categorically that they have no interest in Michael Vick. You better re-evaluate that decision. Unless Coach Singletary categorically refuses to work with this guy, you should sign him. If Coach Singletary is open and receptive to the idea, you better sign him. Right now, this is your only-ist wing and a prayer of coming up with the Franchise QB in time for 2009.

On the other hand, I am beginning to suspect that Vick will become a Patriot. This is probably the Patriot's only-ist hope of getting back into the Super Bowl in 2009. Vick will probably accept as it is an opportunity to win a big [blank]ing ring.