Monday, July 13, 2009

Blu-Ray leads HD-DVD 16-13: Why the Harris Poll is a fucked up lying bitch whore

Alright Mr. Harris, I'm calling you out. I'm calling you a low-down, fork-tongued lying asshole, and the son of a whore. I'm slapping you in the face, and spitting in your eye. Pistols at 10 paces in 10 minutes unless you are a yellow-belied coward.

Why? Because you continue to differentiate between Blu-Ray players and the PS3, that's why. It is absolutely pointless distortion of the key fact, unless you have a hidden agenda. It is the implementation and use of a false distinction. It must be intentional, outright intellectual dishonesty that drives the use of this false distinction. The objective must to distort the facts and show the Blu-Ray is doing poorly. You continue to manifest a clear-cut agenda to undermine Blu-ray's success.

I have said for many moons now that there is absolutely no reason to believe that the dedicated disk player will survive in the next generation of media systems. To insist that there will be dedicated disk players, or that they will lead the way is curmudgeon-thinking. You are thinking like a caveman if you think this thought. It is tantamount to insisting on reel-to-reel audio playback in your stereo system. You pattern of though is antiquated, outdated and obsolete.

The PS3 is the best damn media device ever invented in any category. There is no reason to presume that any moderately informed consumer should ever prefer a dedicated disk player over a PS3. You don't even have to play video games to think so. The PS3 does DVD Audio, SACD, DVD-Upscaling, computer media, networking to local libraries, USB2 key files, downloads, etc. Feature for feature, it is a devastating landslide in favor of the PS3. It is also amazingly fast. Dedicated players, with far weaker processors, are very slow footed by comparison.

For the entire first year of Blu-Rays existence, PS3 was not only the best player on the market, it was also the cheapest. Why pay more for a lesser machine? Why would you pay the same amount for a lesser machine? Why would save $100 are buy an inferior machine? Very few people did. Those who did often returned it in exchange for a PS3 later. It was a stupid mistake to buy a dedicated Blu-Ray player when you could have bought a PS3.

I believe it remains a stupid mistake to buy a dedicated Blu-Ray player when you can buy a PS3. The PS3 is the reference system for Blu-Ray, period. Any denial of fudging of this fact constitutes a pure lie. All facts quoted regarding Blu-Ray must, of necessity, include the PS3.

To lead any story with a headline like "Blu-Ray sales are tepid" and then (later on in the piece) explain that you aren't including PS3 players in the basis facts for this story is 100% pure, outright intellectual dishonesty and distortion of the key facts. This key-fact distortion must speak of bias. You have a liar's agenda at heart.

When the facts are totalled, 16% of US homes are now equipped for Blu-Ray. 13% are equipped for HD-DVD. 90+% are equipped for DVD. This is the forthright honest way to state your research findings.