Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A few thoughts on the eve of the apocalyse

The Rams are going to play the Colts on Sunday. Full stop. Most Ram fans stopped reading right there. We just want to forget that this weekend is about to happen. It hasn't happened yet, but we want to forget about it already.

In all seriousness folks, I would love to give some sort of Knute Rockne speech, fire up the boys, and watch them win, but you know and I know that this is a dreadful mismatch. We know that the transitive property of equality does not apply to football teams, but follow this reasoning:
  1. The Seahawks shutdown and embarressed us 28-0
  2. The Seahawks shutout and embarressed the Jags 41-0
  3. The Colts blasted the Seahawks 34-17 in a score that did not reflect how badly the Colts trashed them. The Colts were playing Checkers by themselves. They made any move they wanted when they wanted.
  4. The Colts beat the Jags 14-12 in a strange one I can't explain.
  5. The Colts made the Cardinals--who are the class of our division--look pretty bad.
  6. The Cardinals also made the Seahawks look pretty bad
  7. We have not played the Cardinals, but they have made us look pretty bad the last several times we've played them
I have enough points of common data to know that the Colts are schmearing teams we loose to. Everybody knows that Colts are the class of the AFC, and one of the two leading contenders for the Super Bowl. We are not contenders for the crown. We are contenders for the #1 pick again.
It doesn't take a Las Vegas handicapper to figure out that this one is going to get real ugly real quick.

Now flukes do happen. Teams do accidentally take the weekend off when they are supposed to play. Great teams sometimes overlook weak competition. You see sleepwalkers on occasions. I doubt that this is going to happen, but it is the only hope that the Rams have. Otherwise, the Colts are going to Schmear us.

Even if this were our only victory of the year, wouldn't it be grand if we beat the Colts. All the Colts fans just said "FUCK NO!"